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The metal-free option for dental implants, zirconia dental implants are safer and stronger than their titanium predecessor. The benefits of zirconia dental implants are many:


• Eliminates allergic reactions: Some people with missing teeth believe they’re not good candidates for dental implants because they have a metal allergy. The good news: The human immune system doesn’t react to zirconia, which makes zirconia dental implants a smile restoration solution that is accessible for people who suffer from metal allergies or autoimmune disorders.

• Strengthens a smile: It’s believed that zirconia is a stronger material than titanium (the material that is typically used for dental implants) and, since zirconia is classified as a ceramic it is a poor electrical conductor. This means it can withstand drastic changes in temperature, whether you’re sipping a hot coffee or iced tea.

• Natural resistance to threats: There is little to no chance of corrosion with zirconia, which only adds to the durability of this type of dental implant. The metal-free implants are also resistant to the natural acids in the mouth.

• Aesthetically pleasing: Zirconia is known for its white appearance, which means it easily adopts translucent tooth properties, serving as a complement to the surrounding teeth that aren’t being replaced. Your smile is made complete and looks natural with zirconia dental implants.


Dental implants in general are designed to feel, look, and function like a healthy tooth. Their presence in your mouth will fill the spaces that missing teeth have created, eliminating the danger of bone collapse and minimizing the possibilities of further tooth loss. Dental implants simply make it easier to speak and eat normally, without embarrassment about the state of your smile or the condition of your teeth.






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