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In medicine there is a main discipline that brings artificial material for a lifetime to the human body.

We are talking about dental medicine.


When it comes to the restoration of fillings, crowns, bridges or dental implants, we should not care only about esthetics.


It is also very important to emphasize the biocompatibility of materials we use for our work.

Material which will never produce an adverse effect to the human body and its immune system.


Human bones contain mainly Hydroxylapatite, so-called Bioceramics. The material of first choice should be as close as possible to this structure.


No galvanic corrosion, neither allergic, nor immunological reactions, is the goal.

Zirconia or Lithium disilicate are the most natural solutions.Bio dental ceramics as


This website will provide you necessary information about bioceramic materials needed for holistic dentistry and helpful guidance in dental wellness.



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